Walton Avenue Atelier

'The search for truth is in one way hard and in another way easy, for it is evident that no one can master it fully or miss it wholly. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature, and from all the facts assembled there arises a certain grandeur.'


Walton Avenue Atelier is a space committed to educating artists and the public in Classical methods of visual representation, with an emphasis on drawing, color and composition. 

Mission The mission of Walton Avenue Atelier is to offer exceptional and affordable art instruction to Northeast Ohio. We strive to provide students with rigorous training in drawing and painting and in doing so, encourage a deep engagement with arts and culture.

Vision An atelier experience not only offers technical training but is also an inquiry into quality. At Walton Avenue Atelier, we do not so much ask, 'what is new?' but rather, we choose to ask the question, 'what is best?' This has lead us to seek methods of seeing and of visual construction that are rooted in ancient Greece. We do not find it a burden to look toward the past for durable and meaningful visual strategies. On the contrary, we feel it is a privilege to be in dialogue with the Old Masters and to build upon their contributions. 

The current atelier movement in the United States, and abroad, attests to the desire for quality in crafting the symbols of our times. 

Walton Avenue Atelier is minutes from Downtown Cleveland, located in the former Hildebrandt Provisions Factory. The Hildebrandt building is now home to artists and entrepreneurs of many types, ranging from ceramicists to woodworkers, fashion designers, florists and motorcycle customization.

3619 Walton Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113. 

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Adrian Eisenhower fell in love with Cleveland when he moved here in 2013. He grew up along the Hudson River, however, and will always have a fondness for the bucolic appeal of the Hudson Valley. He earned his MFA in Painting from SCAD. He has studied at Studio Incamminati, BACAA, Grand Central Academy and the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. He is a 2017-2018 Teaching Fellow at the Cleveland Museum of Art and teaches drawing and painting at the Cleveland School of the Arts.

Adrian can be reached at His personal work can be found at

Photo Credit Billy Delfs